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Property conveyancing lawyer in Sydney New South Wales. We specialise in property conveyancing. Your matter is handled by an experienced property lawyer that assists you from start to finish of the matter. We provide professional legal advice at affordable prices. Call NSW Conveyancing for a competitive free conveyancing quote.

Buying $860
Selling $860

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Sydney Conveyancing Quote : Selling a house or an apartment

Our guaranteed fixed fee conveyancing quote for a standard sale is $860

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Our legal fees include:

1. advising on the terms of the NSW Sales contract

2. Advising you on the options for exchange

3. Advice on a cooling off period exchange compared to unconditional approval exchange.  

4. Advice on vendor disclosure relating to the property

5. Encumbrance search, dealings, deposit plans

6. Section 149(2) certificate

7. Drainage diagram

8.  conducting exchange of NSW sales contracts

9. Correspondence with your real estate agent

10. Following up bank on your discharge of mortgage and ensuring a payout is supplied

11. Attendance to sign transfer document

13. Reviewing settlement adjustment figures;

14.  Advising all parties of the settlement funds and cheques

15.  Deposit your surplus funds into your bank account

16. Arranging the discharge of your mortgage

17. Asking for early release of deposit

18. following up on Land tax clearance

19. Preparing all documentation required for settlement

20. Attending the settlement for you

21. Notify you and the real estate agent on settlement completion

22. Preparing a post-settlement letter to you.

23.  Disbursements (telephone, postage and photocopying costs )

We ensure that we streamline the sale process. We are the first point of contract to prepare a contract.

Once a contract is prepared you will be able to market the property via the real estate agent. We will provide a draft emailed version of the contract to your real estate agent so they can commence marketing your Property In Sydney New South Wales.



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